About Us

Health. Adventure. Escapism.

August 2018

Instagram and Facebook accounts created which gave a social following. Lead to a sell out.

Nathan decides to 100% commit to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and leave University to pursue his true passion of one day having a successful business.
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February 2019

Purchase of leaflets and business cards to increase the after sales service.
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November 2019

Christmas order arrives expanding a whole new range of colours, models and accessories.
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May 2021

After owner Nathan at just 22 becoming unexpectedly ill for a few months, his supportive family held the NTB fort together while he got back to full fitness.

As soon as Nathan returned home, "We are NTB Outdoors" was released on youtube.
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January 2022

The dream team were called in for the biggest unload to date. With an early in the morning shipment arriving, the boys all showed what mates are for and came to lend a helping hand with unloading the new stock.